rosjava_core 0.1.6 documentation


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You will need a java implementation - this package has been well tested with openjdk-6, but is also likely to work equally as well with other implementations (oraclejdk has also had minimal testing).

If you would like to build the rosjava_core documentation, you will also need Pygments 1.5+ and Sphinx 1.1.3+. If you don’t have native binaries, then

sudo pip install --upgrade sphinx Pygments

Non-ROS Installation

This java package no longer requires a ros environment to be installed. In this case, you simply need to clone the github repository

git clone
cd rosjava_core
git checkout -b hydro origin/hydro

and proceed immediately to the section on Building.

ROS Installation

If you would like a full ros environment backending your installation (you might be generating code for your own custom messages, sequencing builds of multiple rosjava repositories or using mixed packages, e.g. java + python) then refer to the RosWiki for more details.

«  Overview   ::   Contents   ::   Building  »